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Subbä Bambärcher Durnierla 2010

veröffentlicht um 29.06.2010, 02:16 von Unwucht Erlangen   [ aktualisiert 04.09.2010, 01:24 von Sylwester P. ]

The 2. Subbä Bambärcher Durnierla (SBD) was the first outdoor tournament the Erlangen team attended in 2010. Bamberg really showed off with nice warm weather and a lot of sunshine. The tournament rules put some pressure on Erlangen as three girls had to be on the line. But with the help of Julie from Munich as our pick-up, we were happy to provide enough ladies on the field: Sara, Anke, Babsi, and Victoria. We had fewer problems to get the guys together who were all crazy about playing Ultimate in Bamberg: Matthew, Klaus, JoH, Cagatay, Johannes B., Phil, Frank, Robert and Colin. Niko and Sylwester had a bit on the side playing with 7 Schwaben Stuttgart and Intimate Ultimate. But don’t mind, Erlangen is not that resentful and likes open relationships :-)


The first game against Intimate Ultimate started pretty well even if we lost 5:7, as Erlangen showed some good moves on the field. We also lost the games against 7 Schwaben Stuttgart and Disc-O-Fever Würzburg but finished with a very good game against Paradisco Jena. The day ended with a very nice dinner in the fanciest restaurant Erlangen has ever been to. The meals were very yummy but a little small, at least for some of us who decided to get a slice of pizza afterwards, some ice cream, and some beer to fill their stomachs. For the party, the organizers came up with some nice surprises. Every team had to submit the title of a rock song in advance. Erlangen didn’t reflect that much by choosing “Killing in the name of” from Rage against the Machine, a song no one had ever heard before except Colin. Thanks to the new technologies of the 21st century we could listen to the song before “performing” it on the stage. The party prize was out of reach for Erlangen, with Disc-O-Fever and the Baybees showing all their party experience. But some team members of Erlangen at least gave it a try.




The second tournament day Erlangen had a good start winning against the host Wurfkultur Bamberg but then lost against Schleudertrauma Magdeburg before falling asleep in the third game of the day against the Baybees from Bayreuth (2:13 or something). Erlangen finished the tournament playing good Ultimate against Disc-O-Fever Würzburg (9:5), the discos and discas probably being a little tired from the long party night. At the end, Erlangen was in 7th place out of 12. The spirit in the team was pretty good this weekend and even if we didn’t win the spirit prize we did some very good progress playing nice Frisbee and enjoying the great tournament in Bamberg.